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NYC Indian Food
Jul 282011

There are bad Indian restaurants in Jackson Heights.

And then there are the really bad Indian restaurants like Tawa Tandoor on 74th St.

We’ve rarely come across Indian restaurants as clueless as the Tawa Tandoor jokers in Jackson Heights when it comes to Indian curries.

During our visit to Tawa Tandoor, we sampled a variety of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian curries, much of it bad.

Here’s NYIndia’s photo review of Tawa Tandoor in Jackson Heights.

Tawa Tandoor – Bland Chicken Curry

Tawa Tandoor Chicken CurriesHorribly Bland Chicken Curry (bottom left)
Ordinary Chicken Tikka Masala (top right)
Dry Chicken Fried Rice

Tawa Tandoor Tandoori ChickenTandoori Chicken – OK Taste

Tawa Tandoor – Bad Vegetable Curries

Tawa Tandoor Vegetable CurriesSweetish Bhindi Masala (bottom left)
Sour Mutter Paneer (top middle)
Tasteless Mixed Vegetable Curry (top left)
Tadka Dal with too much Garlic
Moderately Spiced Saag Channa (top right)

Tawa Tandoor – Rubbery Naan Bread

Tawa Tandoor Naan BreadNaan Bread – Rubbery Texture

Tawa Tandoor Buffet Station – Lousy Food

Buffet Station at Tawa Tandoor, Jackson HeightsTawa Tandoor Buffet – Lousy Food, Not Value for Money

Tawa Tandoor – Our Verdict

Tawa Tandoor in Jackson Heights serves mostly tasteless and bad Indian Curries.

Just not worth your time and money.

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